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2020 Food Production License Classification Catalog
Special first-class wheat flour, special second-class wheat flour, standard flour, common flour, high-gluten wheat flour, low-gluten wheat flour, whole wheat flour, others...
Note: 1. Fill in other items that need to be stated in the "Remarks" column. Those who produce health foods, formula foods for special medical purposes, and formula foods for infants and young children must include the product registration approval number or record registration number; those who accept entrusted production of health food , It should also specify the name and domicile of the entrusted enterprise and other relevant information.
2. If the newly revised review rules are inconsistent with the classification in the catalog, the newly published review rules shall prevail.
3. For those applying for the production of new food ingredients in the category of "other foods", their label names should be consistent with the names of new food ingredients that can be used in ordinary foods announced by the National Health Commission

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